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Creative Juice Pint Glass

Creative Juice Pint Glass

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One pint of creative juice is normally enough to get you started on a project. Inspiration knocks on the door. Ideas emerge from between couch cushions. A certain energy, a certain fire, begins to gather.

With a second pint of creative juice, one is often off to the races. Whole plans have come to maturity halfway through pint 2. It’s not rare to deliver a very good & satisfying speech to a crowd who starts out restless, and is left bathed in tears of mirth & revelation — yours and theirs. 

The third pint of creative juice tends, often as not, to bestir a Dionysian measure of originality, not to mention Herculean strength, and Daedalean ingenuity. Hints of Batman’s cunning may be present. 

At the bottom of four, the seeker typically knows bliss, but also a gutsy energy. Gone are the trepidations and setbacks of morning — here come clarity and a can-do spirit. Plus a heightened ken for dance. 

This glass was designed to be refilled as many times as you like, without leeching potency from your juice, and without infusing any of the rubbery bite common to rubber-based cups. 

If someone told you this pint glass wouldn’t move creative juice from the table to your mouth — you met a liar. 

But don’t take our word for it. 

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