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Nobody likes a good mystery unless they know it’s going to be solved. That’s why you’ll happily pick up an Agatha Christie novel, but shriek in despair and smash a vase when your AirPods go missing. 

Which kind of mystery is the W.A.S. Mystery Box? Firmly the former. Rest assured that, bare instants after opening the package we’ve shipped you in the mail, you’ll know what’s inside. (To prolong the unease — what Sarah McLachlan called “building a mystery” — open your parcel blindfolded, and try to discern its contents using only touch and taste.) 

Each mystery box contains at least three items, including one thing from each category:

- The T-Shirt Category (you get to choose your size)
- The Signed Item Category (an item signed by the band)
- The Compact Disc Category 

(you should know what this means)

Additionally, you can:

- Add an album on vinyl for £8 more (you still get the CD)
- Add a sweatshirt/hoody for £8 more (this replaces the t-shirt) [Size L Only]
- Add both for £13 more

(wow)  [Size L Only]

So there is a lot of math(s) to consider. (“… are many maths”?)

Note: Product may not actually be supplied in a box. 
Please do not order two of the same boxes as it is not unlikely you will receive the same stuff twice. Try placing orders for different sizes or with different extras to receive some variety in a second box. Additionally, some variants of mystery box have sold out in some sizes. Try different combinations of sizes or add-ons to see what is in stock. 

Ships on or around December 1st (any short delays will be due to seasonal capacity issues). Any items ordered alongside this one will ship at the same time - if you wish to receive other items earlier, please place a separate order.