Cat Beanie

Cat Beanie

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At last, the ultimate beanie. And that’s selling it short: this is the ultimate hat.

How do other hats fail? Let’s go down the list:

- Annoying color that doesn't work with most outfits and can attract bees. (Not a problem for the Cat Beanie, which uses elegant black and white to seamlessly blend with all looks, and repel insects.)
- Stupid design. (Unlike other hats, the Cat Beanie combines a very cool "cat who’s sort of flying" design with a fashion-forward rendering of our logo to impress aesthetes and philistines alike.)
- Not warm enough. (The Cat Beanie is great, warmth-wise.)
- Too heavy! Makes my neck sore! (No, not the Cat Beanie — after you put it on, you’ll forget it’s even there (until a stranger compliments you on it, which happens frequently with these).)
- Tastes awful. (We don’t know for sure, but our strong assumption is that the Cat Beanie tastes a lot better than other hats.)

Available in one size that fits all human and most large simian heads.