Double Huff Bundle
Double Huff Bundle
Double Huff Bundle

Double Huff Bundle

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Can’t figure out which color of “Huffy” you’re after? Understandable! With ten fine options, only a fool would feel confident. You know what will help? Pick two. That’ll increase your odds of getting it right. We’ll knock off a few bucks and include signed stickers to reward your thoughtful decision. 

Our personal supply of several vinyl colors has sold out — but fear not! Foreseeing this dire eventuality, we sent a box of each (under cloak of night) to a different retailer. Click to be taken to the secret stash of remaining copies: Some Kinda MelonTrue DenimLemon Beach SunshineKeylime YumPlum Damage


Jet-skis ripping across a jewel-green bay. Piña Coladas on ice, shredded in the blender. An alligator drops into a sick-ass guitar solo, then takes the last chorus up a notch with an unusual harmony you simply didn’t see coming. 

This is “Huffy,” the brand new studio album from We Are Scientists. Ten tracks recorded and produced by the band, and mixed by ear-athlete Claudius Mittendorfer, in a package that only you can complete.

A spacious gatefold cover presents you with a blank wall. The included sticker pack — plus whatever additional materials you dare muster — presents an opportunity. Will you create the ultimate version of “Huffy,” the one that perfectly articulates your understanding of the world and your place in it? Maybe, instead, you’ll slap all of the stickers on your dusty old guitar case — covering up the old, worse stickers — and hit the road so you can make your mark. Or, you can just put the stickers on the box of whatever cereal you’re having for dinner, and throw that box away in a day or two when the cereal’s gone. That’s fine too! You’ll still have the record. 

About that record. It has been printed in a huge variety of colors, and if life is about crossroads, then this may be the MOTHER OF ALL CROSSROADS. Ten colors. Two choices. You can do this. Just… focus. (Check out the swatch wheel in the product images to understand exactly what’s possible.)

Exclusively for pre-orders, we’ll include transparent stickers that we’ve autographed with a permanent marker. Place this on your album artwork wherever you choose. Heck, place it on the dotted line of a really nasty contract! We won’t stand in your way. 

Just promise us this: when that gator drops into his solo, and that blender starts screaming its very creative harmony, and the sun is already settling down into the warm purple water of that bay, don’t just stand there staring, your brand new LPs tucked tight under each arm. 



1 - You’ve Lost Your Shit
2 - Contact High
3 - Handshake Agreement
4 - I Cut My Own Hair
5 - Just Education
6 - Sentimental Education
7 - Fault Lines
8 - Pandemonium
9 - Bought Myself A Grave
10 - Behavior Unbecoming

This item will arrive on the eighth day of October: October 8th. That’s when the album “Huffy” drops, and Huffy’s steering the ship. If you’d like to order back catalog or old (“classic”) merch designs, and receive them sooner, please place a separate order.