Helter Seltzer (CD/LP)
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Helter Seltzer (CD/LP)

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"Helter Seltzer" was released in 2016 to unanimous acclaim, except from the withered souls who disliked it. With hard crunching "Buckle," anthemic "Too Late," and eight other good songs including "Classic Love," "In My Head," and "Headlights," this album is worthy of note -- it is able to be remarked upon. 

When we released this beauty, audio cassettes had not yet been invented, so it's only available on CD and vinyl LP. The LP, though, is *teal* in color, which is truly something to see.


1) Buckle
2) In My Head
3) Too Late
4) Hold On
5) We Need A Word
6) Want For Nothing
7) Classic Love
8) Waiting For You
9) Headlights
10) Forgiveness