Megaplex: Rise of the Lycans (CD)

Megaplex: Rise of the Lycans (CD)

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CD presented in a card sleeve
Imagine Santa’s sleigh touching down at the North Pole after an exhilarating, exhausting Christmas Eve — steam billowing off the scrum of delirious reindeer; one of the sled’s skis bashed crooked by a recklessly steep backyard ascent; scores of elves emerging from the large barn where they’re kept, eager for details about the distribution of their year’s handiwork. There you are, Santa, stepping down into the squeaky North Pole snow, proud to put another year in the books, when out of the corner of your eye you notice moonlight glinting off of a red velvet packsack… the sort of bag you use to haul presents around the planet each year. Impossible, though. Impossible, because on Christmas Eve, as each sack finally empties, its substance — that blanket-thick red velvet — evaporates into the early morning darkness. Each sack is emptied — methodically, according to the List — and each one vaporized, and when your sleigh touches down in the great white field in front of the home you share with Mrs. Claus & the reindeer (in front of, too, the drafty barn where the elves live), it should be tangibly light. The sleigh should be light as air, as though careless, but this year it wasn’t quite, and now you see why: crammed under a bench, a bulging red sack of gifts, big enough to hold two reindeer, and several elves besides. 


What a terrible, terrible fucking mistake Santa has made. And in this metaphor, folks, *we’re* Santa. Last year was Christmas, and we delivered Megaplex to the world, but we forgot about roughly two reindeer-worth of tunes — just left ‘em sitting on our hard drive. Well… we have no idea how Santa would get out of his hypothetical mess — suicide, probably, but using what method? — but we’ve found a straightforward approach: MEGAPLEX: RISE OF THE LYCANS. The deluxe album that even Santa couldn’t deliver. 


What’s on “…Rise of the Lycans”? Some new songs. Some demos. Some patented Under The Sea versions. A couple of remixes (one by us, one by Joel from Wolf Alice, the only person we trust with the stems of our songs). Not too much, but waaaay more than too little.


“…Rise of the Lycans” was planned as a digital-only release until we remembered that we have a duty to our internet store, and that duty involves sending things by mail. So here is the "M:RotL” bonus CD. Included is all of the songs that aren’t on the standard edition of “Megaplex,” plus an impressive piece of liner notation chock full of stories, witty recollections, bons mots, and expressionist syllable-clusters. 


This CD does not include the ten songs from 2018’s “Megaplex” release. It is meant, ideally, as a companion to your existing copy of that album. Here is the tracklist:


1) Second Acts
2) Slow Death
3) Give It Up
4) Your Song Has Changed
5) KIT (Joel Broke KIT Remix)
6) No Wait at Five Leaves, Under The Sea
7) One In, One Out, Under The Sea
8) Now or Never, Under The Sea
9) Heart is a Weapon, Under The Sea
10) KIT (Demo)
11) You Failed (Demo)
12) Properties of Perception (Demo)
13) One In, One Out (Demo)
14) No Wait at Five Leaves (Demo)