TV en Français, Sous La Mer (LP)

TV en Français, Sous La Mer (LP)

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A complete re-imagining of 2014's "TV en Français," this darker, quieter, more melancholy full-length was released in 2015 as a Record Store Day stunt. People loved it. Especially people who sit in bathtubs late at night, and people locked in towers. 

This sort of crepuscular sound can only be captured on vinyl. 


1) Dumb Luck, Under The Sea
2) Make It Easy, Under The Sea
3) Sprinkles, Under The Sea
4) Slow Down, Under The Sea
5) Overreacting, Under The Sea
6) Don't Blow It, Under The Sea
7) Return The Favor, Under The Sea
8) Take An Arrow, Under The Sea

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