With Love and Squalor (Vinyl LP - 2019 Reissue)
With Love and Squalor (Vinyl LP - 2019 Reissue)

With Love and Squalor (Vinyl LP - 2019 Reissue)

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Fifty years after the last vinyl copy of “With Love & Squalor” was purchased by the luckiest kid on Earth, one of the most coveted pieces of circle-shaped music in music history is back. Obtaining the rights to reprint this album was an epic, almost fantastical struggle. Lawyers were involved. Pipe-wielding thugs. Unreadably long handwritten beseechments. We interrupted cocktail parties. We spray-painted limousines. We got the hashtag "#freeWL&S" trending for eight months. Finally, after what is destined to be one of the most frequently-told tales of music industry maneuvering, we have succeeded. 


As befits a 50th anniversary edition, we’ve created a beautiful multi-page color insert (the original vinyl included none!), a refined packaging, and a kitten’s-nose-pink colored record that’s exclusively available here on our web store as a limited edition. Standard black vinyl is also available


This will ship for arrival on release day, October 17th. Plenty of time for you to fashion a handsome mounting in your living room. 


A1) Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
A2) This Scene Is Dead
A3) Inaction
A4) Can’t Lose
A5) Callbacks
A6) Cash Cow
B1) It’s A Hit
B2) The Great Escape
B3) Textbook
B4) Lousy Reputation
B5) Worth The Wait
B6) What’s The Word