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Florida Swamp Shirt (10th Anniversary Reprinting)

Florida Swamp Shirt (10th Anniversary Reprinting)

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When you think “Florida,” do you think Disneyland? Do you think white sand beaches, exclusive clubs, expensive art? 

You’re wrong. Florida is swamp. Florida is spider. Florida is gator.

When you visit Florida — the real Florida — you’ll be hot and you’ll be afraid. Things will slither. Things will happen out of the corner of your eye. You’ll itch, and grow jumpy. Then sluggish. When the rain comes, blessedly at first, there will be too much of it. Oceans of it, dropping from the sky, as though the world turned upside down. Soaking, drowning rain. Even the spider takes shelter. 

The gator, though — he doesn’t mind. 

10th Anniversary reissue of the original red–on–blue colorway, with brand new red–on–natural option for the older, more refined you. (Also available in kids’ sizes, for the older, more fertile you.) 

Red paint screen-printed onto heavy fabric. Two sleeves. Opening for head. 

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