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Long-sleeve T-shirt

Long-sleeve T-shirt

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A delight to hyphen enthusiasts, this long-sleeve t-shirt re-makes has-been war-drobes from the neck down.

An anchor? A snake?! A tiny cat falling through space, chased by a snake?!!? When our designer showed us this shirt — his 56th revision — we practically fainted with pleasure (and the fatigue of so much tenacious revision).

“The only thing that’s missing,” said Keith, “is a dab of color. That would really finish it!”

“Examine more closely,” admonished Chris, and pointed to the red heart that you probably saw the instant you looked at the shirt.

“What’s this!” Keith again. “Do my eyes espy a foregut, crossed through with Cupid’s frolicsome arrow? I think they do!”

“Yes, they do,” told him Chris.

“Then this great shirt is done!” and Keith ran from the room to tell anyone he met.

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