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Dumb Luck Motel Keychain

Dumb Luck Motel Keychain

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“Welcome to the Dumb Luck Motel! Can I take your bag?”

The correct answer is “no.” If somebody offers to take your bag at the Dumb Luck Motel, it’s because they intend to steal it. You see, at the Dumb Luck Motel you get what you pay for: not much. 

The bed? What a strange assortment of springs you’ll feel through the tattered mattress cover. What a florid batch of cotton cysts fill the pillow bags.

The shower? Skip it if you can. The beach is just a couple of blocks that way. 👉🏼

The snack machine in the lobby eats coins, but the free coffee is actually okay, if you don’t mind your battery acid warm. 

It ain’t much, but it’ll have to do. If you had options, after all, you wouldn’t be here. 

White plastic object with color printing on two sides. Includes metal-ish ring and chain, for attaching to a key, like at a motel, or to a zipper, like on a body bag. 

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