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French Tea Towel (10th Anniversary Reprinting)

French Tea Towel (10th Anniversary Reprinting)

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“Torchon.” That’s what they call tea towels in France. Cool word, but we may not deserve to use it for this item, which has a bunch of English printed on it. Oh well. C’est la vie. 

People loved this tea towel when we debuted it back in 2014, and for some reason we refused to reprint it. Obstinacy? Stupidity? Conservancy? We’ll let the historians decide. (Incidentally, good name for a W.A.S. biography would be Obstinacy, Stupidity, Conservancy.

Anyway, this thing is back. It’s safe to spill again.

Probably goes without saying, but: two colors screen printed onto 100% cotton rectangle. Machine washable. Machine dryable. Can dry on “high” if you want. Good for wiping up wine and heavy sauces. Makes an impact on guests. Max 2 per customer. (Just kidding — order as many as you need.) 

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