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The Big Huff - Guitar Pedal

The Big Huff - Guitar Pedal

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Is your guitar tone a weak, sad, tepid thing? It is. Of course it is. We know this to be true, because you haven’t yet purchased The Big Huff fuzz pedal.

Crafted in collusion with the mighty Redbeard Effects, the Big Huff is, without question, the loveliest, nastiest, mightiest fuzz pedal ever created. Keith slathers his guitar in its gorgeous tones, and so he is your favorite guitar player. Chris pumps his bass through its terrifying circuitry, and the bass-playing world trembles before him. Want a piece of this action — the instant fortune, respect, and adulation that comes from playing a stringed instrument in We Are Scientists? Then you need the Big Huff.

Wrapped in a chassis that honors the artwork of 2020’s #1 album Huffy, the Big Huff does it all. It screeches. It squeals. It rumbles. It murmurs. It squawks. It barks. It coos. It makes a sound like your guitar has been made of glass and then kicked by a horse. It makes a sound like your guitar is a side of beef that has been marinated in rye whisky for two days and then thrown against a house. It makes a sound that is just a good, fuzzy guitar sound. It makes another sound that is a very worrisome fuzz sound. This pedal is perfect for guitar connoisseurs who have spent their lives searching for the most beautiful tones ever heard by the human ear, and it is equally apt for people who hate guitars and want to hurt them. Every credible manufacturer of guitar pedals has, at one time or another, asked us to yoke our wagon to their product, but the Big Huff, truly, is the only pedal worthy of the We Are Scientists name.

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