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TV en Français - Cassette

TV en Français - Cassette

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For years, the rumors have circulated. “It can’t be done,” they said. “There was a concerted attempt. People died. A factory burned to the ground,” they said. “The project has been abandoned indefinitely.” 

Honestly, it’s nothing like that. We just never got around to putting TV en Français on a cassette tape. For one thing, when the album was released in 2014, nobody gave a shit about cassettes. They hadn’t “come back” yet. No one was talking about cassettes, everyone was talking about vinyl. It was vinyl and The LEGO Movie all day, every day, across the globe. 

How the times have changed. 

Nowadays, folks like their music rectangular and plastic. They don’t want to spin it; they sure don’t want to stream it. They want music they can “insert,” and later, “eject.” They want a portable music player, separate from their phone, that clips to their belt. 

Et voilà. TV en Français on audio cassette. Vive la révolution

A1: What You Do Best
A2: Dumb Luck
A3: Make It Easy
A4: Sprinkles
A5: Courage
B1: Overreacting
B2: Return The Favor
B3: Slow Down
B4: Don't Blow It
B5: Take An Arrow

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